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Protect DC

Faith-Based Organizations

Faith basedEveryone has the right to practice their religion without the fear of harm. Faith-based organizations are partners in preventing, protecting against, and responding to violence. Protect DC works with faith-based organizations to assess the risk of violence or serious harm and develop interventions for their congregations and facilities. 

Listed below are three ways faith-based organizations can protect their congregation and facility. 

Step 1Promote a Culture of Safety  

Everyone has a role in preventing violence within their community. Faith-based leaders can promote a culture of safety by encouraging their congregation to notify the Protect DC Team about concerning behavior or communication, allowing appropriate officials to intervene and provide necessary resources to reduce the likelihood of violent situations. Leave a referral here.     

Step 2Participate in Training Opportunities  

Community members are the first line of defense for identifying concerning behavior or communication. When a community understands what to look for and how to make a referral, the Protect DC Team can better support public safety needs and reduce violence. The Fundamentals of Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management course trains community partners and stakeholders on the indicators associated with targeted violence to enhance prevention efforts. For more information, contact Protect DC at [email protected]

Step 3Join the Interfaith Preparedness & Advisory Group 

The Interfaith Preparedness & Advisory Group is a joint effort of the Mayor's Office of Religious Affairs, the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, and the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency. The group engages with the District's faith-based organizations to enhance preparedness for all types of hazards. Get more information on the Interfaith Preparedness & Advisory Group and join.

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